Mae is not only brilliant, but communicates in a way that is practical and helpful. Her passion is to help people in ministry maximize their gifts and talents that God has given then for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. She has been instrumental in making my schedule a servant to my calling instead of its slave.

– Benjamin Kerns, Pastor to Children and Students, Marin Covenant Church, Marin, California 


I highly recommend Reverend Mae Cannon for her innovative work in the subject of implementing change. Rev. Mae Cannon has taught within the very difficult context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Israelis and Palestinians from different religious and political backgrounds that face various challenges within their communities. Rev. Cannon’s approach to Implementing Change was a cutting-edge topic for participants who are now using these tools, methods and approaches in their own circles of influence. Rev. Cannon’s teaching methods enabled participants to engage in the topic, think strategically and come up with feasible ideas for implementing change. I highly recommend Mae Cannon for her continuing work.

– Salim J. Munayer, Ph.D., Director and Founder, Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation, Jerusalem, Israel


As the founding pastor of a small inner-city church I found that after more than a dozen years of teaching, organizing, vision casting and preaching, the church leadership remained comprised of what I called “superheroes”, individuals who did good things for the community but on their own terms and in isolation. In hopes of bringing greater cohesion and direction to the church leaders a retreat was placed on the calendar but from that point things began to get worse. The Church Chair, in part overwhelmed by the task, began to insist on a path that created division, mis-direction and threatened irreparable damage. Into this caldron I called my friend Rev. Mae Cannon. Our all-day retreat began under the leadership of our Church Chair and quickly unraveled. The agenda was exhausted in an hour and the meeting began to devolve into finger pointing and complaining. It was at this point we invited Rev. Cannon to facilitate our gathering… Rev. Cannon immediately brought clarity and insight to our gentle chaos. Our individual efforts, as noble and well intentioned as they may have been, created a church leadership team that was disconnected and unable to move forward. Mae’s alacrity and expertise seamlessly moved us into a positive and proactive retreat. Leaders who were antagonistic and uncooperative prior to the retreat quickly became eager to participate and constructively engaged in our work together. Together, under Mae’s direction and guidance our leaders honed a clear mission with short term and longer term goals and committed themselves to the work. We left our time together invigorated, filled with love for each other and excited about our teamwork ahead. Rev. Cannon’s presence on that day made an important and lasting difference in our church. We continue to benefit from the lessons learned from her. We owe her a great debt.

  B.K. Woodson, Senior Pastor, Bay Area Christian Connection (BACC), Oakland, California


Mae Cannon was a great help to our team. We had her work with us for two days and those two days profoundly changed the way we function together as staff. She has a great way of striking the balance between professionalism and keeping the focus on healthy relationships.

  Mark Meredith, Lead Pastor, Community Covenant Church, Eagle River, Alaska